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Numicon Maths Infant Kit
Numicon Maths Infant Kit (as seen in September 2019 InTouch) Numicon is a proven approach..
 Box of Numicon Shapes 1-10
Transform how well you teach number in the Infant Classes, and beyond, by using a simple box of N..
Manual Pack 1:  Number, Pattern and Calculating 1 Teaching Pack - INFANTS
Manual Pack 1 contents: for junior & senior infants Pack contents: Manual Pack 1 incl..
Manual Pack 2- Number, Pattern and Calculating 2 Teaching Pack - First/Second Class
Manual Pack 2 includes: Predominantly focuses on First & Second Class Level - 1. Numb..
Manual Pack 3: Number, Pattern and Calculating 3 Teaching Pack - Second / Third Class
Manual Pack 3 includes: Focusing on predominantly Second / Third Class 1. Number, Pattern..
Class set of  30 Boxes of Numicon Shapes 1-10
Designed so that each child in a class can have a set of shapes to lay out in front of them and t..
Numicon Spinners - Set of Two
A quiet alternative to dice. The two spinners come with two sets of overlays showing Numicon Patt..
Numicon Dice Set
A set of four 22mm dice, featuring Numicon patterns alongside the numerals, two 0-5 dice, one 5-1..
Pack of 80 Coloured Numicon Pegs
The large pack of 80 coloured pegs are dedigned to fot onto the numicon baseboard and also to cli..
The Numicon Baseboard
The Numicon Baseboard is a very strong plastic square, with a 10 x 10 grid of  raised  ..
Numicon 1-100cm Number Rod Track
The Number Rod Track is super for all number work up to 100. The track  clips together in se..
Numicon Number Rods - Set of 126
126 centimetre scale coloured Number Rods. 1cm to 10cm in length, supplied in a durable plastic s..
Numicon Table-top Number Lines - pack of 5
A smaller version of the Display Number Line for individual use. Ideal for older pupils who appre..
Numicon Display Number Line
Each number from 0-21 is marked with the Numicon Shape (real size) and number word. Printed on ca..
Numicon Number Rod Trays 1-10 & 20
These stacking, coloured trays match the number rods. Useful for building number bonds and patter..
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