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Mini Skeleton - 460mm
Compact desktop model skeleton on a sturdy stand. Supports the following areas of learning: ..
Giant Teeth Demonstration Model
Excellent for demonstrating dental hygiene and tooth care. Can be manipulated manually in a hand-..
Calculator Class Set - Pk31
These multi-function calculators are ideal for introducing basic Maths operations to students. Ke..
Giant Horseshoe Magnet
Powerful magnets (with North and South poles clearly marked) are housed at the ends of this impre..
Standard Bar Magnets - Pk2
Strong magnets enclosed in tough plastic outer casings colour coded red for north and blue for so..
Iron Filings Shaker - 225g
Iron filings in plastic shaker, ideal for magnetic flux experiments. Supports the following a..
Magnetism Kit
Selection of magnets and materials, assembled in plastic tray with cardboard sleeve. Includes Aln..
Magnetic Attraction Kit (Single Set)
Among the items in this set are the Bumper Cars (50183) and Floating Rings (50185) to illustrate ..
Measuring Beakers Set - Pk5
Made from polypropylene, these graduated beakers can tolerate temperatures up to 120 degrees Cels..
Plastic Pattern Blocks - Pk250
Made from solid plastic, these 5mm thick pattern blocks are tough enough to withstand years of cl..
Standard Playing Cards
A pack of standard playing cards. Ideal for traditional card games as well as for building number..
Dinosaur Counters - Pk128
A set of detailed dinosaur counters in 8 varieties (stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, euoplocephalus, t..
Fruity Fun Counters - Pk108
A set of 108 fruit shaped counters, ideal for counting, sorting, creating patterns and using with..
Base Ten Set - Pk121
The Base Ten Set helps illustrate the relationships between units, tens, hundreds and thousands a..
Attribute Blocks - Desk Set Pk60
Attribute Blocks - Desk Set Pk60 Each set contains 5 shapes (square, rectangle, circle, trian..
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