Christmas and Nativity Series

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Mr. Scrooge - My Teacher!
Christmas is just around the corner. Mr. Scrooge N.T. is in no mood to celebrate, much to the ann..
Tinsel and TeaTowels for First & Second Class
First/Second/Third Class Approx: 35 minutes (shorter if drop verses of songs) Tinsel and ..
It's A Party! - Superb for 3rd. + 4th. Classes
Running Time is approx. 30 minutes, with 24 speaking parts. Our Top Recommendation for Third ..
Primary School Musicals & how to survive them!
OK, not a musical, but an unmissable musical-resource! Sheila Wilson’s great new book, full of hu..
Silent Night for senior classes
Visit 18th century Austria, where the villagers of Oberndorf are busy preparing for their Christm..
Set of All 6 Plays
LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER: €75.00 for all 6 - email with your name and addr..
Aladdin Trouble
Perfect for the senior classes. Running time: 80 minutes. (shorten by dropping / pruning song..
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Angel Express
Angel Express Most suited to the junior classes. “Extra! Extra! – Read all about it!”..
Scrooge! A Ghost of a Chance
  This entertaining adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, by Colin Baker (Doctor Who..
Jump if you love Christmas!  Published 2013
Junior / Senior Infants - 15 Minutes Jump if you love Christmas! is a perfect early-years (3-..
The Nativity Party! (bring your own lamb)
Junior / Senior Infants - 15 Minutes The Nativity Party! is a fun Christmas celebration which..
It's A Cracker! - 5 - 9 Years
It's A Cracker - Nativity Musical As crackers are pulled around the dinner table, the heart of Ch..
That Clown Lir!
Lir , a widower struggles with the washing. Life is impossible. His decision to remarry is disast..
The Piper -  suitable for senior classes
Based on the traditional tale of the 'Pied Piper of Hamelin' this lively musical brings the story..
DIY Nativity
An indispensable collection of 25 Christmas songs, taken from our best-selling catalogue. The tit..
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