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Jolly Phonics Puppet Set of 3
Jolly Phonics Puppets are plush, soft, full-size, hand-puppets of the main characters in Jolly Ph..
Tricky Word Wall Flowers
You can make a wall display with this Tricky Word Hat and Flowers. There are 72 flowers - each 13..
Tricky Word Hat
Make learning the tricky words even more fun with this plush Tricky Word Hat. Designed for use in..
Jolly Phonics Letter Sound Poster
A single sheet poster of the 42 letter sounds. Arranged in the seven groups, each letter soun..
Jolly Phonics Reading Assessment Pack
Is your school following the Jolly Phonics programme. Have you administered the standard assessme..
Jolly Readers- Level 1 Red - All 18 Titles
The first red level of Jolly Readers uses words with the basic letter sounds in Jolly Phonics, an..
Jolly Readers - Level 2 Yellow - All 18 titles
This new second level is slightly more advanced than the first and follows the same lively and in..
Jolly Readers - Level 3 Green - all 18 titles
The Level 3 books introduce the magic e for spelling words with the long vowels, as in make, like..
Jolly Readers - Level 4 Blue - All 18 titles
18 Books - at the Blue Level (the fourth level), the stories are longer and introduce more tricky..
Read and See Pack 1
Read and See Pack 1: There are 12 books in pack 1. The main skill in reading is blending - the pu..
Read and See Pack 2
Read and See Pack 2: 12 Titles in Pack 2 covering the following: ai Words, ch Words, oa Words, sh..
Magnetic Letters
A tub of 106 lower case letters. Consonants are in red and vowels are in blue. Tub contains 2 eac..
Finger Phonics - Set of Books 1-7
The Finger Phonics books teach children how to recognize and form the 42 main letter sounds. Cut-..
Jolly Dictionary
Teaching children how to use a dictionary will improve reading and writing, and help them become ..
The Teacher Guide for the 3 Pupil Books
Jolly Phonics Teacher's Book - this accompanies books 1, 2 & 3. It provides daily guidance fo..
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