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Mastering Mathematics Handbook
Oxford University Press publishes the Mastering Mathematics Handbook  What are children ..
Teaching Numeracy
Do some of your students arrive at wildly wrong answers to mathematical problems, but have no..
Developing Primary Mathematics Teaching
How can KS1/2 teachers improve their mathematics teaching? This book helps readers to become ..
Supporting Numeracy
Numeracy is a core subject in schools, and this book will provide those supporting children i..
The Curriculum for 7-11 year olds
`As more Daleks try to take over education, it is a pleasure to read books that help repel th..
Teaching Tech-Savvy Kids
Awards: 2011 Library Media Connection Editor's Choice Award Written for secondary..
Engage the Brain: Games, Math, Grades 6-8
About the Engage the Brain SeriesThis practical resource gives teachers the tools they need t..
Creative Maths Activities for Able Students
'All the ideas look easy to use and quick to prepare... This is a very interesting and though..
Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics, Grades 2-3
Sophisticated medical instruments have provided us with a unique glimpse into the learning brain...
What If Your ABCs Were Your 123s?
This book will help primary and elementary teachers to transform the way they think about and tea..
Standards in the Classroom
`The success or failure of reform in education depends on how well each teacher learns how to imp..
Visible Thinking in the K–8 Mathematics Classroom
Do you ever wish your students could read each other’s thoughts? Now they can—and so can you!..
Mathematical Misconceptions
How do children relate to numbers and mathematics? How can they be helped to understand and m..
Key Concepts in Mathematics
'Includes a large number of user-friendly examples that integrate mathematics content and pro..
Enhancing Program Quality in Science and Mathematics
Describes ways of assessing the validity of programmes designed to support science and maths ..
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