English and Literacy

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Building Bridges of Understanding
Building Bridges of Understanding Resource Pack Contains: The 114 page Manual + 3 CDs. A..
How Children Learn to Write
This book is a useful addition to any staff library. What makes it different to many other simila..
Phonics - Practice / Research and Policy
Phonics: Practice, Research and Policy unravels the controversy surrounding phonics which current..
Exciting Writing
The book clearly describes many creative ways to engage children in writing. A number of differen..
Understanding Reading Development
Colin Harrisons knowledge of the research on reading processes and comprehension is encyclopaedic..
Teaching and Learning English Literature
'It is scarcely possible to imagine a truly educated person who cannot read well. Yet it is not c..
Teaching Idea Development
`The most marvelously practical and engaging approach to come along in decades. It goes beyond th..
Digital and Media Literacy
Renee Hobbs, one of the nation’s leading authorities on media literacy education and an active pr..
10 Winning Strategies for Leaders in the Classroom
In 10 Winning Strategies for Leaders in the Classroom: A Transformational Approach, Bramwell Osul..
Parallel Curriculum Units for Language Arts, Grades 6-12
'The Parallel Curriculum Model (PCM) holds the power to help students and teachers 'see the whole..
Formative Assessment for Literacy, Grades K-6
Grounded in research and rooted in practice, this book shows teachers of elementary students how ..
Using Phonics to Teach Reading & Spelling
  Includes CD-Rom Times Educational Supplement Star Read! ..
Literacy and Education
'If we take the book Literacy and Education: Understanding New Literacy Studies in the Class..
Co-Ordinating Primary Language and Literacy
`Here is timely and extremely useful exposition and guidance on the management and procedure of l..
Approaching Difficulties in Literacy Development
This Reader considers the complexity of literacy difficulties, showing how research into literacy..
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