English and Literacy

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Building Bridges of Understanding
Building Bridges of Understanding Resource Pack Contains: The 114 page Manual + 3 CDs. A..
How Children Learn to Write
This book is a useful addition to any staff library. What makes it different to many other simila..
Phonics - Practice / Research and Policy
Phonics: Practice, Research and Policy unravels the controversy surrounding phonics which current..
Exciting Writing
The book clearly describes many creative ways to engage children in writing. A number of differen..
Understanding Reading Development
Colin Harrisons knowledge of the research on reading processes and comprehension is encyclopaedic..
Promoting Literacy Development
Promoting Literacy Development: 50 Research-Based Strategies for K-8 Learners presents the essent..
The Socially Networked Classroom
'A veritable smorgasbord of ideas and suggestions. This text grabbed me right away, and I started..
Vocabulary Lists and Activities for the PreK-2 Classroom
Engage young children with this creative and strategic approach for building early literacy skill..
Reflections on Dyslexia (VHS)
Formerly published by Peytral PublicationsWatch and listen as four adults describe how learning d..
Reading and Writing Across Content Areas
'We often hear middle and high school teachers are frustrated because their students can't unders..
Reading Beyond the Alphabet
A serious shortcoming of the national literacy movement is the lack of progress in literacy beyon..
ELL Shadowing as a Catalyst for Change
Experience a day in the life of an ELL   What if you could barely understand what yo..
Reading Globally, K–8
In Reading Globally, K-8 the authors make the case for why it is necessary to be global..
Digital Literacies
Facebook, blogs, texts, computer games, instant messages… The ways in which we make meanings and ..
Strategies and Lessons for Improving Basic Early Literacy Skills
This practical, hands-on guide shows teachers how to use research-proven strategies and structure..
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