English and Literacy

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Building Bridges of Understanding
Building Bridges of Understanding Resource Pack Contains: The 114 page Manual + 3 CDs. A..
Understanding Reading Development
Colin Harrisons knowledge of the research on reading processes and comprehension is encyclopaedic..
How Children Learn to Write
This book is a useful addition to any staff library. What makes it different to many other simila..
Taking the Lead on Adolescent Literacy
Directly linked with overall student achievement, graduation rates, and success in higher educati..
Teaching English Language Learners
Teaching English Language Learners: Content and Language in Middle and Secondary Mainstream Class..
The Reading Puzzle: Spelling, Grades 4-8
About the Reading Puzzle SeriesIn her best-selling book Teach Them All To Read, Elaine McEwan pro..
Speaking and Listening through Drama 7-11
'This book is special. It proposes a style of drama that liberates teachers and children from tra..
Literacy and Education
'If we take the book Literacy and Education: Understanding New Literacy Studies in the Class..
Co-Ordinating Primary Language and Literacy
`Here is timely and extremely useful exposition and guidance on the management and procedure of l..
Approaching Difficulties in Literacy Development
This Reader considers the complexity of literacy difficulties, showing how research into literacy..
Literacy Coaching to Build Adolescent Learning
As state schools are faced with increased challenges resulting from government achievement polici..
Language Arts
Language Arts: Integrating Skills for Classroom Teaching provides a clear and succinct intro..
Phonemic Awareness (VHS)
Formerly published by Peytral PublicationsIn-the-classroom footage shows Victoria Groves Scott de..
Handwriting Problems in the Secondary School
`The book fulfils its purpose admirably...[It] should be required reading for all Primary and Sec..
How to Develop Children's Early Literacy
`Laurie Makin's and Marian Whitehead's book on How to Develop Children's Literacy stand..
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