English and Literacy

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Building Bridges of Understanding
Building Bridges of Understanding Resource Pack Contains: The 114 page Manual + 3 CDs. A..
How Children Learn to Write
This book is a useful addition to any staff library. What makes it different to many other simila..
Phonics - Practice / Research and Policy
Phonics: Practice, Research and Policy unravels the controversy surrounding phonics which current..
Exciting Writing
The book clearly describes many creative ways to engage children in writing. A number of differen..
Understanding Reading Development
Colin Harrisons knowledge of the research on reading processes and comprehension is encyclopaedic..
Teaching Early Reading and Phonics
This book supports teachers using phonics in their teaching of early reading. The authors show ho..
Literacy Beyond Picture Books
'I was rejuvenated by the opportunities for exciting and meaningful instruction. My creative thou..
Literacy for Young Children
This resource presents assessment and instructional activities that are evidence based, practical..
Teaching Reading to English Language Learners, Grades 6-12
English Language Learners are no longer confined to just a few states, but can be found in just a..
180 Days to Successful Writers
In today's high-stakes environment, standardized test scores determine much more than student per..
Teaching Our Children to Read
When the First Edition of this book was written, there was a great deal of controversy ..
Creative Ways to Teach Literacy
  Covering the essential areas of practice, this book suggests ways to ma..
Write Dance
Also available as a Book and Cd   Paper (978-1-84860-691-3) £27.99 Cloth (978-1-..
Writing Instruction for English Learners
Teachers are looking for tested means of helping English Language Learners improve their writing,..
Engage the Brain: Games, Language Arts, Grades 6-8
About the Engage the Brain SeriesThis practical resource gives teachers the tools they need to pl..
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