Numicon: Software for Interactive Whiteboard Multi User

Numicon: Software for Interactive Whiteboard Multi User
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This feature  rich interactive Numicon software is designed for use on the interactive whiteboard to introduce key mathematical ideas, not just in infants BUT across all classes. Covers essential areas of mathematics right up through the senior classes from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables to work on the hundred square, multiplication square, HTUs, number lines, spinners, dice, coins etc. BRILLIANT for maths across the classes. The best investment in mathematics that any school can make in 2015. Comes with a detailed instructional booklet. 


Are you serious about raising achievement in mathematics as part of your NUMERACY STRATEGY?

Then Numicon must be where you begin to make the change in order to reap the dividend.

What JOLLY PHONICS has done for literacy, NUMICON will now do for numeracy.

This software is designed to support the Numicon approach to the teaching of mathematics, transforming the way children understand number. It is intended as a tool to introduce concepts and ideas to the whole class.

The user interface includes:

The Numicon Number Line

This scrolls from 0–21. Tap a Numicon Shape to add it to the work area. Use the scroll bar along the bottom of the screen to reveal the higher numbers. To add more than one of a Shape to the work area use the left and right arrows to increase and decrease the amount of Shapes added.


How to use it

Add Numicon Shapes or number rods to either side of the balance to show equivalence. These should be added one at a time rather than in groups.

The number pad, symbols and words palettes can be used to create number sentences that describe what is happening in the balance.

Numicon 10s Number Line

How to use it

Numicon Shapes appear horizontally when added to this workspace so they can be easily superimposed onto the 10s Number Line. Use this workspace for demonstrating a number of mathematical ideas including division, multiplication and factors. Use the scroll bar to reveal the higher numbers.

0–100cm Number Line

How to use it

Decade sections are shown in alternating blue and red. This workspace is primarily intended for use with number rods but is useful to show the relative position of numbers, demonstrating addition and subtraction, bridging through decades and showing the rules of multiplication and division. Use the scroll bar to reveal the higher numbers.

Number Rod Track

How to use it

Number rods can be placed on or above the number line. This can be used in similar ways to the 0–100cm number line.

Empty Number Line

How to use it

Use the pen tool to mark your own points on the number line. Objects added will remain in place as the number line is scrolled left to right.

100 Square

How to use it

This workspace is ideal for showing patterns in multiplication. When selected, the 100 square appears as a blank array. Touch a square to reveal its number, touch again to highlight and once more to clear it. Touch the end of each row to reveal all the numbers in that row. Each row can be dragged to the scrolling area to


How to use it

Use the pegs to create different types of repeating patterns and to practise copying the Numicon patterns. This workspace can also be used for showing decimals and percentages.

Number Rod Trays

How to use it

This workspace is useful for pattern making and number bonds. The colour of each tray matches the corresponding number rod. Once a tray has been added to the workspace, move it by selecting and dragging the edge.

HTU/TU Frames

How to use it

Demonstrate ideas around place value by adding Numicon Shapes and number rods to the different columns.

TU×U, TU×TU Multiplication Grids


How to use it

Use with the numeral pad and pen tool to demonstrate multiplication using the grid method.

Sorting Rings

How to use it

Select either a single ring or double rings. Create different areas into which Numicon Shapes, number rods and other objects can be sorted. Select the border to highlight and move a ring.

Calculation Boxes

How to use it

Select either 3 or 4 boxes from the workspace menu. The symbols between the boxes can be changed to allow a wide choice of calculations to be demonstrated. The arrow on the right hand side can be used to reveal up to 5 rows of boxes for showing different calculations at one time. Use the numeral pad or pen tool to input numerals into the boxes.

Number Rods

Use with a variety of workspaces instead of or with the Numicon Shapes. Touch a rod to add it to the workspace. Use the arrows to select the required quantity of a particular rod.

Numeral Pad

Touch the numerals to generate any three-digit number. Touch the green tick to add a number to the workspace or the red cross to clear it.


Use with a wide variety of workspaces for pattern and counting activities. Touch a peg to add it to the workspace. Use the arrows to select the required quantity of a particular peg. Touch the question mark to add a random selection of pegs.

Shapes and Pictures

Use with a wide variety of workspaces for pattern, counting and sorting activities. Touch a shape or picture to add it to the workspace. Use the arrows to select the required quantity of a particular shape or picture. Touch the question mark to add a random selection of either shapes or pictures.

Subtraction Covers

Subtraction covers are used to model subtraction by covering parts of Numicon Shapes. Move over the squares to highlight the shape of the cover you need. Covers can be rotated and flipped in the same way as other objects.


There are 12 types of spinners for randomly selecting numbers, Numicon Shapes, sterling coins, calculation symbols and addition and subtraction of 2 and 10. There is also a blank spinner which can be adapted using the pen tool.


Sterling, euros and dollars can be added to a variety of workspaces for use with activities that involve money. As with other resource palettes, different amounts of coins can be added by using the arrow buttons.

Words, Symbols, Fractions

These three palettes can be used in a variety of ways with different workspaces. They are particularly useful for introducing important mathematical vocabulary and can be used with the numeral pad to create number sentences.


And much more. This software is simply superb to illustrate and model mathematical concepts and key mathematical ideas.


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