Reading Tracks CD

Reading Tracks CD
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Reading Tracks CD

Reading Tracks CD is available  now with an Unlimited Whole School Site Licence - put it on 100's of computers.

Essential for every learning support / resource teacher. The 200 interactive activities weredesigned,  written and sequenced by two Irish Learning Support Teachers and programmed in Cork by CDEG.

It is designed to support and track a child’s progress in the essential skills of reading development. Pupils log in under their names and all progress across the 200 interactive activities is tracked and saved for analysis by the teacher.

If a child with a reading age of 7 successfully works through the 200 sets of learning activities in the reading tracks software, then reading age will be 11+ when they emerge out the other side of the programme.

Reading Tracks was planned and developed in close consultation with experienced Irish Learning Support Teachers and will provide a full year’s work for individual pupils needing extra help in reading, spelling and word recognition skills. The programme is not age specific.

 “I am confident that Reading Tracks  would be a valuable resource to any Special Needs, Resource Teacher or Language Teacher” – Matt Reville - Irish Learning Support Association

Key Features

  • Each Individual pupil’s progress is fully tracked, can be printed off at any moment, is saved to hard drive at the end of each session and is always accessible.
  • Activities have varying levels of challenge, requiring a number of attempts
  • 200 sets of learning activities with a huge variety of activity types
  • Access to reward games is determined by attaining a certain standard of success on tasks
  • A range of built in features features to motivate even the reluctant readers

Here are just 200 activities:

A Cloze Procedure:  children drag and drop the words to the correct position and the computer will tell them if it is correct or incorrect and aslo track all work and scores for later analysis by the teacher.




Here is another of the 200 activities - the child has to work through 20 questions and is tracked and scored on the objective.


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