The Double Sided Blends Wheel

The Double Sided Blends Wheel
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A box of 10 double-sided blends wheels

The Jolly Phonics Blends Wheels will develop children’s awareness of initial and final consonant blends for reading and writing. The wheels are double-sided, so that initial consonant blends can be made on one side and final consonant blends on the reverse. These can be used in conjunction with the Grammar 1 Handbook or Pupil book to reinforce lessons in a fun and engaging way. The blends wheels are available as a set of 10 and come with an instruction sheet which provides tips and guidance on how to blend wheels can be used.

Why not buy three boxes, get 30 wheels (ONLY €37.45) and have one per child for all sorts of hands on fast action, building confidence and competence in making words.

A must for every school using Jolly Phonics.

Wheel Side 1:

Inner Wheel has the following initial blends: sm, sw, gl, fl, sp, scr, sl, st, sk,dr, cl, tr, sn, gr and bl. The outer wheel on side one has the following endings that can be rotated to make words: at, an, ub, it, ep, ib, ab, op, im, og, ap, in, otug, am and um.

Wheel Side 2:

Inner wheel has the following beginning sounds: mi, go, he, bu, sta, la, li, ne, cre, se, so, fa, be, ye, ri and co.  The outer wheel on side one has the following blend endings: ft, ct, lt, lp, sk, st,lk, lf, ld, lb, nk, nd, mp, xt and  pt.

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