Desktop Tablet Charging & Sync Station

Desktop Tablet Charging & Sync Station
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DeskCabby fits neatly on a desktop at the front or back of the classroom while still offering room for up to 12 USB - powered tablets, making it an ideal charging and sync station.

Stack up to three DeskCabbys on top of one another to maximise your storage space, or just use one to tidy away your stray devices. You can even connect your stacked DeskCabbys, which means you can charge and sync up to 36 tablets all at once using Cambrionix technology.

1. Stackable storage with charge and / or sync capabilities for 12 tablets, designed to fit neatly on a desktop

2. Stack and connect up to three DeskCabby units to store, charge and sync as many as 36 tablets

3. Stores, charges and simultaneously synchronises up to 12 tablets using Cambrionix technology

4. Individual vertical charging compartments accommodate tablets with and without cases including Otterbox, Griffin Survivor and Folio cases

5. LED lights show charging and syncing status (red when charging, green when fully charged, blue when syncing) and are visible when the perforated door is locked

6. Lockable rear power compartment contains USB ports and cables are fed from the back through to the front in a purpose-designed cable management system

7. Cables cannot be removed from the front of the unit, preventing cables from going missing. Charges and syncs devices using the cable supplied with the device, not inferior cables that aren’t designed to last

8. Lockable steel door that’s retractable when unlocked, allowing full access to devices

9. Inset handles on each side allow easy lifting and moving

10. Can be bolted down to secure in place

11. IEC power cables plug into the mains and are designed to snap out if pulled away from the wall, preventing damage to the unit or any nasty trips

12. Case can be closed and locked during charging, as devices will be kept cool by an internal fan

13. DeskCabby Charge & Sync is compatible with any USB powered mobile device, including iPads, Android tablets and e-book readers. Cambrionix U12S technology allows simultaneous synchronisation of all devices whilst connected. Devices of the same type can all be synchronised in one go, saving you time when deploying apps and content. Easy to install firmware updates ensure your DeskCabby can charge and sync all the latest tablets, making it future proof. iTunes and Apple configurator enables you to sync your apps, media and usable content from your office, home or classroom. Our Intelligent charging allows you to charge multiple types of devices at the same time whilst ensuring connection stops automatically for each device once fully charged.

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