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16 Bay laptop Trolley


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Move those laptops from classroom to classroom, always fully charged. Give out the laptops like you would give out the copies. Brings a whole new dimension to inclass teaching. Excellent for working with maths software to support concept understanding, writing process becomes easier as editing is so easy etc. We deliver and set up your Trolley at your school. Completely redesigned in 2007, the our 16 station laptop charger is manufactured to the same high specifications as the rest of the the range. Allows up to 16 laptops to be securely stored and charged by one plug point. Access is via both the main double doors and a rear service door which gives secure but easy access to the rear of the cabinet Easily manoeuvrable on four heavy duty castors but can be securely locked to any wall via the wall bracket. Product updates include: Ventilation in doors, sides and also shelves. Strengthening of cabinet and wheels. Additional handles on top of the cabinet. Slots to the rear of each shelf for securing laptop power supplies. Fitted with rubber stops to give protection to IEC plug and socket. A combined on/off switch which doubles as a circuit breaker with illumination when on. Four 4-way fusted gangs each having two LED’s – one indicates power to gang, the other indicates fuse is OK. External Dimensions: 1040x915x620mm (hxwxd). Internal Dimensions: 710x850x590mm (hxwxd. 89.35kg.


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