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Away in a Manger


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Away In A Manger

by Niki Davies

Ages: 5-7 years

Running Time: 20 minutes approx.

A delightful nativity about one proud mule called Maurice who is possessive about his manger. What a commotion it caused when he had to share it with a stream of visitors


Maurice the mule is not happy! All he wants to do is munch away on some fresh hay and settle down for a peaceful night’s sleep, but one by one he finds a hen, a mouse, a bird and a spider in his manger and he doesn’t like sharing it with anyone! Chasing them all away, Maurice tries to settle down to sleep when suddenly there is yet more commotion. Why is there a baby in his manger? And why have shepherds and kings come all this way to see Him? Join Maurice and his friends as they try to puzzle out exactly what is going on in their busy stable!

Seven fantastically catchy songs and an adorable script make this a future classic nativity


NARRATOR(S) A large speaking part that is suitable for an adult/older child or could be split between a group of children.

MAURICE The main character – a disgruntled mule. A clear voice to deliver a number of short lines would be good and an ability to look put out!

GOATS Have as many as you like. Three have small speaking parts.

HENS Have as many as you like. Two have small speaking parts.

GEESE Have as many as you like. Two have small speaking parts.

MICE Have as many as you like. Two have small speaking parts.

STABLE GIRL A jolly character with two short lines to say.

MARY A gentle character with one short line to say.

JOSEPH A kindly character with one short line to say.

DONKEY To accompany Mary and Joseph into the stable. Non-speaking part, but needs to be able to munch from the manger well!

SHEPHERDS Have as many as you like. There are speaking parts for two.

THREE KINGS Each has a short line to say.

STAR Optional non-speaking part – needs to shine brightly!

STABLE ANIMALS Non-speaking. Have lots of different stable animals, e.g. cows and  cockerels, to create a busy stable and to boost the singing throughout.

MANGER ANIMALS Optional non-speaking parts. The hen, mouse, bird and spider that  staging notes below)


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