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Base Ten Set – Pk121


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The Base Ten Set helps illustrate the relationships between units, tens, hundreds and thousands and can help children visualise numbers when learning basic addition, subtraction as well as multiplication and division in 10s. Each block is marked in centimetre squares to highlight how each unit relates to it.

Contents: 100 x 10mm yellow cubes, 10 x 100mm green rods, 10 x 100mm blue flats, 1 x 100mm red block.

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Maths – place value
• Maths – number
• Physical Development – motor skills

100 x 10mm cubes, 10 x 100mm rods, 10 x 100mm squares, 1 x 100mm block. Pk121.

Age: Suitable from 3 years.


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