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Class Pack of 30 Paddles+30 Markers+30 Erasers+Magix Cleaner



Pandemic Education Paddles

This 92-piece pack contains 30 paddles in assorted colours, 30 drywipe pens, 30 mini foam erasers, 1 x 250ml bottle of Magix cleaner and 1 Teachers’ Resources Booklet.

If there is a single resource to drive teaching, learning and assessment onwards on a daily basis across our classes in these pandemic times, then these innovative ‘Education Engagement & Answer Paddles’ are it! With resources linited because of space, these individual paddles will be the singular support resource for every child.

Every teacher will use them every day, in every class and in every lesson.

A whole class set of 30 costs less than the cost of half an iPad! They will be used all day – every day in almost all classes, delivering again and again for education.

Rainbow Education are thrilled to bring schools these Pandemic Education Paddles in order to drive engagement, participation and answering by all students in class, all of the time.

There versatile and tactile paddles with soft but rigid, hard wearing foam handles and surround, will unleash a new teaching, learning and assessment dynamic across socially distanced classrooms in the coming term.

We know that students need to work harder than ever in order to make up for the time lost from March through June 2020.

The ‘Education Engagement & Answer Paddles’ are one of the most cost-effective teaching aids available right now. No other teaching aid is as versatile, the ‘Paddle Boards’, they can be used across all curriculum subjects, all age ranges, and in all situations. They are ideal for quick-fire classroom activities right from Infants to Sixth Class. Designed for classroom use, these innovative answer paddles are ideal for holding up answers to teacher questions, posed problems or challenges. Teachers can see answers at a glance, allowing for great classroom interaction and full participation.

Key attributes:

  • Soft but rigid foam – very strong and hard wearing
  • Excellent for pupil / teacher interaction, even for pupils that don’t normally engage
  • Glossy Drywipe Surface
  • Whiteboard on both sides – plain on one side and lined on the reverse
  • Magnetic whiteboard on both sides
  • Available in 5 bright colours (red, yellow, green, orange and blue) – supplied in even numbers of each, allowing teachers to assign colours to groupings or teams.
  • Used in virtually every class and every lesson.
  • Confidence builder: a child’s confidence is key to their ability to learn. Confidence is hugely increased when using the ‘Paddle Boards’ by the simple fact that children can instantly correct their own work. Teachers report that pupils will move out of their comfort zone when using the marker boards, even ‘stuck’ children, who often struggle to put pen-to-paper will have a go when using paddle boards.
  • Easily kept clean using the Magix Whiteboard Cleaner & Conditioner

These paddle whiteboards are the most important development in educational technology since the slate.” – Class Teacher

Sample Curriculum Application

  1. Teacher calls a word in English and the children write & spell it correctly.
  2. Teacher calls a word in Irish and the children write & spell it correctly.
  3. Teacher calls a word, the children put it into a sentence.
  4. Teacher calls a sentence and the pupils write it.
  5. Vocabulary & Spelling Test: teacher shows pictures e.g. of various nouns up on the IWB and children must write and hold up the matching word e.g. show a picture of an apple and the children should write ‘úll’. At a glance, you can see who knows the vocabulary and whether he / she can spell the word correctly. This can be done across all ten themes in Gaeilge and across all classes from infants to sixth class.
  6. Spelling Practice – have a daily whole-class spelling skills practice session using the paddles, focusing on the spelling skills & structures of the week. In groups of  5, at a distance, one child is the caller and the other 4 write and show their answers on the paddles.
  7. Ask a comprehension question on a text, pupils write a one word or sentence answer.
  8. Mental artithmetic – call a problem, children engage and work it out mentally and hold up the answer.
  9. Pen calculations – call a problem and pupils carry out the calculation and hold up their workings.
  10. Problem solving – present a problem, they work it out and hold up the answer, whatever that may look like.
  11. Infants: call a sound e.g. sound out ‘b’ as in bat and the children draw the sound. Do this for each of the 42 sounds of the letter/sound code.
  12. Once the first 6 sounds of s, a, t, i, p and n are covered, call codable words using just combinations of these 6 sounds for the children to write onto their paddle boards e.g. sat, pit, tap, in etc. Alternatively, children in pairs take turns writing words and their partner has to say the word i.e. Mary writes ‘sat’, holds it up and George reads / sounds out the word and says ‘sat’. Repeat over and over for other words. They can do this right through the infant classes, writing increasingly more elaborate words as they learn more and more of their letter sounds. The paddles support engaging, effective and productive practice.
  13. Gimme me 5: e.g. 5 fruit, 5 veg, 5 flowers, 5 yellow flowers,  flying insects, 5 lots of two numbers that make 10, 5 capital cities, 5 rivers in leinster, 5 planets furthest from the sun, 5 words to use instead of ‘said’ etc.
  14. KWL: before starting a lesson/topic e.g. letter writing or 2D Shapes or Myths & Legends etc.  ask the children to write words to do with the topic that reveals what they know. Review and comment on paddle boards when held up. That helps revise and establish existing class knowledge. Now share the ‘Learning Outcomes’ i.e. what you want them to know, understand and be able to do once the topic / lesson is taught. Finally, at the conclusion of the lesson / topic, use the paddles where appropriate to establish/test what they have learned. The ‘Paddles’ can be used at every stage within the teaching, learning and assessment equation.
  15. Use the paddle answer boards to explore spelling patterns e.g. Rimes & Word families: write words that sound like ‘bat’. Write words that sound like ‘ball’. Write words that sound like ‘sing’.
  16. Vowel digraphs, alternative spellings of vowel sounds, plural endings, short vowels and consonant doubling.
  17. The ‘Paddle Boards’ can be used to actively and interactively explore grammar and spelling e.g. spelling tricky words, consonant blends, nouns – proper/common/plurals, personal pronouns, verbs, conjugating verbs – present/past/future, adjectives, adverbs, alphabetical order, dictionary work etc. Teacher directs, all children engage and make their thinking manifest by writing the answer/answers onto their paddle boards and holding up to show when requested to do so.
  18. Create mind maps on topics.
  19. Draw and label a diagram
  20. Play bingo e.g. children create a 3×3 grid and fill with a set of random numbers or words from a list put up by the teacher e.g. from a list of food items ‘as gaeilge’. Teacher then calls randomly from the list and children play bingo.

Note: lots more ideas on using drywipe marker paddle boards in the classroom from the booklet that accompanies each purchase.

How to Use

Establish a clear set of rules for using the ‘Paddle Boards’. This helps regulate the children and, in some ways, makes it seem even more fun e.g.  only take the cap off your marker once the question has been read out; only raise your boards when the signal is given or only lower your boards once the answer has been given / discussed.


The teacher poses the question orally or writes the question / problem up on the class drywipe whiteboard or the IWB, then instructs then students to write their answers on their ‘Paddle Boards’. The teacher then says: “When I say ‘show-me’, I want all of you to put your ‘paddle boards’ in the air for me to see.

The pupils then write their answers on their Paddle Boards.

Teacher says – “SHOW-ME” – all boards are held up. The teacher can now see every answer. From that the teacher can view each child’s response at a glance, pick out incorrect answers, evaluate and provide immediate feedback.

MAGIX – Whiteboard Cleaner & Conditioner

Never have dirty whiteboards again.

Effortlessly restore a new look and feel to both large wall mounted and the smaller hand-held mini-whiteboards.

Cleaner: makes all whiteboards like new. Each application effortlessly removes ghosting and that annoying stubborn staining. It even erases permanent marker!

Conditioner: adds a conditioning micro-film layer to the board surface which not only improves marker eras ability, but provides a far smoother writing experience for both teacher and student.


Order your class pack today and experience a new way of engaging your students in active learning!



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