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Fortnightly Scheme CD 5 – Infants



The CD Contains 3 Folders: Fortnightly Schemes: 18 individual scheme files, expertly laid out in subject order with associated strands & strand units / progression steps in the New Language Curriculums. . You can copy and paste directly from the content sections of The Yearly Scheme CD into your Fortnightly Scheme and also type in additional information & detail. All boxes expand to accommodate text. Monthly Reports: 10 individual monthly reports. At the end of each month, simply copy and paste the completed content from your two fortnightly schemes into your Monthly Report. Helpful Teacher Templates / Documents include: Assessment Results, Pupil Profiles, Resources Audit File, Official School Closures 2006-2007, Year Calendar, Timetable, Record of Monies Collected, Favourite Websites, Allocation of Time per Subject etc. Example: As a fourth class teacher I?m preparing my next Fortnightly Scheme. I?ve selected ?Egyptians? from the strand ?Early peoples and ancient societies? as my next topic in History. I open my Yearly Scheme CD 3, open the History folder and go to this strand and copy the section ?The child should be enabled to?..? as this is an outline of content scope & development along with some objectives. I paste this into my Fortnightly Scheme and add other details such as book title, chapters, resources etc. Easy, straight-forward & efficient! At the end of each month I can copy and paste the details of completed content into my Monthly Report. All Yearly Schemes, Fortnightly Schemes & Monthly Reports can be printed out as required or saved on the desktop.

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