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Getting Ready for My Confirmation



Get this book for every child preparing for confirmation – only €3.95.

‘Getting Ready for My Confirmation’ is a workbook into which each child preparing for the sacrament of confirmation will record his/her own thoughts, ideas, understandings and responses, in relation to God, friends, family and the wider community, as they prepare to receive the sacrament of confirmation,

It is essentially a compilation of each child’s own musings, writings, drawings, illustrations and photographs’

It is a repository of their reflections and memories as they journey towards receiving conflrmation.

It will certainly be a unique and treasured personal keepsake for each child.

The Book Content Consists of the following:

Milestones in My Christian Story;

God First Called Me In Baptism;

My Community;

My God Given Talents;

The Holy Bible;

My Bible Work;

Jesus: His Life and Ministry;

The Laws of Man;

The Laws of God;

The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit;


The Fruits of the Holy Spirit in My Life;

My Confirmation Name;

I Am Preparing;

Journeying with God through the Holy Spirit;

The Apostles’ Creed;

The Beautitudes;

The Sacrament of Reconciliation;

The Parables of Jesus;

The Story of Pentecost;

The Stations of the Cross;

A Stained Glass Window;

Images of the Holy Spirit;

My Confirmation Prayers;

The Holy Rosary;

The Light of Christ;

My Confirmation Sponsors;

My Confirmation Cermony;

My Confirmation Class Photograph;

Living a ‘Spirit’ Filled Life;

Living My Confirmation.

Once all pages are completed and photographs pasted in, each child has a treasured keep-sake of this great milestone in their lives.

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