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Jolly Stories



Jolly Stories is an 88 page hard page story book, containing 7 stories.

The first story is called ‘Looking for Sounds’. There are 12 pages per story. Each double page spread in the book pertains to the introduction of a letter sound. The first story covers s, a, t, i, p and n. The first 2 pages pertain to ‘s’ etc.

A must support to the introduction of each letter sound.

Join the adventures of Inky Mouse and her friends. Follow them through seven stories as they learn the 42 letter sounds. This beautifully illustrated board book has 40 spreads, each covering one or two letter sounds. A large letter is embossed on each spread, so that formation can be felt by little fingers. Each spread has a number of words for reading and for spelling, along with the Jolly Phonics action.


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