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Jumpstart RTI


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Susan L. Hall asserts that an educator’s job is not done until a school’s RTI practices result in at least 95 percent of its students reading at benchmark levels. This book’s research-based strategies will get you started on the road to those results quickly, efficiently, and successfully. Included are case studies, delivery models, practical tools, reproducibles, analysis worksheets, and forms that can be downloaded from a secure website. This compact guide provides step-by-step instructions for:


– Effectively implementing RTI for all students

– Integrating curricular-based measures in program development

– Measuring RTI’s impact on student learning

RTI is useful for many purposes beyond determining special education qualification. It offers schools a unique opportunity to identify, measure, and improve all students’ reading skills. Because improving student reading is what really matters, this book’s focus is consistently riveted to achieving success. Jumpstart RTI shows how to make it happen.


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