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Literacy Lessons, K–8


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Literacy Lessons, K-8 enables teachers to meet IRA and McRel standards with a broad spectrum of instructional techniques that address all areas of the language arts: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. The book includes lesson plans and activities as well as projects that will engage and motivate students. Students will also learn how to find information on a topic they are interested in and how to incorporate their own experiences into activities that meet standards. Busy teachers will also find:

– Quick and inexpensive means of creating costumes and props for storytelling

– Ideas to tempt families to engage in storytelling at home

– References to K-8 literature to link instruction with authentic text

– Differentiation techniques for ELLs as well as for students who are working above or below grade-level expectations


Teachers are always looking for materials that make their job easier, and this book provides everything needed to teach literacy lessons effectively.


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