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Making Math Connections


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‘Making Math Connections integrates mathematics into a variety of subject areas and real-life settings, providing motivation for students to want to learn the material being presented. The book also uses a variety of activities to promote learning for students with different interests and learning styles’ – Steven P. Isaak, Mathematics Teacher, Advanced Technologies Academy, Las Vegas, NV



‘I’m looking forward to finding ways of using these resources in my lessons and can only recommend you read it too’ – Peter Hall, Imberhorne School, East Grinstead


Students often fail to make the connection between “school maths” and their everyday lives, becoming passive recipients of isolated, memorized rules and formulas. This remarkable new resource will help students become active problem-solvers who see mathematics as a meaningful tool that can be used outside the classroom.


Hope Martin applies more than 40 years of teaching experience to developing a myriad of high-interest, meaningful maths investigations. Using a teacher-friendly format, she shows educators how to integrate into the maths curriculum engaging, everyday topics, such as forensics, natural disasters, tessellations, the stock market, and literature.


This project-based resource encourages cooperative, interactive learning experiences that not only help students make connections between various math skills but also make important connections to the real world. These mathematical applications are broken down into complete units focusing on different topics. Each chapter includes:


• Background information on the topic

• Step-by-step procedures for maths investigations

• Assessment strategies

• Journal questions

• Photocopiable worksheets

• Additional related readings and Internet Web sites


By increasing their awareness of meaningful everyday applications, students will learn to use maths as an essential tool in their daily lives.



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