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1-10 Counting Owls Activity Set


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LER 7732

Ages 3 – 10

Build counting skills and one-to-one correspondence with these colourful owls

Children will love developing their early numeracy skills with these friendly owl counters.

  • Set includes a variety of activities that will develop early numeracy skills
  • Children match the number of owl counters with the number printed on the plastic branch base
  • Develops counting skills with numbers 1-10
  • Encourages early addition and subtraction skills
  • Reinforces colour recognition and patterning
  • Activity cards and numbered spinner extend the learning opportunities
  • Activity set focuses on numbers 1-10
  • Language-free activity set includes:

    • Plastic branch base
    • 25 owl counters in five different colours (green. blue, yellow, red and purple)
    • Spinner
    • Ten activity cards
    • Multilingual Activity Guide
  • Activity set uses numbers 1-10
  • Plastic base measures 33.5cm L
  • Features multilingual packaging



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