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100 Plus Fun Ideas for Language


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The 137 tried and tested activities in this book can be used to develop oracy and literacy skills in almost any language, and are particularly suitable for teachers looking for stimulating ideas for Irish Language. Sue Cave, the author, has chosen these particular ideas due to the enthusiastic responses she has received from young learners and the positive impact the games and activities have had on the learning of another llanguage. The inherent rationale behind each activity is that it is enjoyable, interactive and allows for as many children as possible at one time to communicate. with activities ranging from ‘Clap if true’ and ‘Draw a monster’ to ‘Find Mr X’ and ‘Puppet mind reading’, you will never be stuck for ideas. This is a very useful and exhaustive catalogue of simple and complex activities for practising languages in the primary classroom. The ideas and suggestions can be linked to other curriculum areas and are as such generic, ie could apply to any foreign language taught. They provide intellectual stimulation and are a source of motivation as well as making learning fun.


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