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6 Spelling Board Games Level 4


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Suitable for: 6-7, 7+

Play your way around 6 exciting higher-level spelling board games to further your knowledge of: prefix and suffix meaning and usage; hard-to-spell homophones; irregular past tense verbs; and spelling syllables that are to hear. Finally, practise a range of different spelling strategies to help remember longer trickier words. The simple game instructions are printed on the A3 boards, so that they are never lost.

Suitable for Key Stage 2 and older learners, plus pupils with EAL. Each game is suitable for 4 players or teams. Written around spelling guidance from the 2014 English Curriculum – with a focus on hard-to-spell words.

Contents: 6 Board Games, Dice and Spinners. 1. Stressed syllables 2. Homophones island 3. Transform words – prefixes 4. Transform words – suffixes 5. Irregular verb search 6. Spelling strategies


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