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7 Maths Board Games – Pack 3


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Like all our maths board games this latest set offers excellent value for money. Each large game (420mm x 300mm) is printed on thick board and can be played in pairs or in groups of up to six.

The instructions are printed on each board (so they don’t get lost), and on the reverse an explanation and method of the learning objective is covered.

This set also includes spinners, counters, die and separate answer card for each game.

Suitable for Year 6-8. Learning Objectives:

– Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers

– Multi-digit Addition & Subtraction

– Multi-digit Multiplication & Division

– Place Value to Millions

– Multi-digit & Roman Numeral Word Problems

– Introduction to Algebra

– Calculating Time: Including analogue, digital, 24 hours, using tables and word problems.


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