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999 Things to Write About


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999 Things to Write About

This 64 page, A4 book contains a collection of 999 interesting writing ideas and prompts to support writing journal sessions for children.

Here’s 9 samples. That leaves 990 others!

  1. I like nature
  2. My school
  3. Some people have the strangest jobs
  4. Weather in Ireland
  5. Hurling – what a game!
  6. Mathematics is important
  7. Future of travel
  8. I wished upon a falling star
  9. My penguin friend

Get your children writing daily / often on a variety of freely chosen or prompted topics. By writing regularly, they have the opportunity to build up confidence, skill and competence.

Using the book: 

There are 20 titles on each page. Photocopy all the pages. Trim the margins off each page and then arrange all the pages on a large notice-board to create a massive collage of inspiring writing prompts? You could title it – “My Writing Ideas Area”. During writing time the pupils may consult the board for an inspiring topic on which he/she would like to write. Not everybody will be inspired to write on the same title ? so there is plenty here to suit every taste. A personal journal is a record of your observations, feelings, and reflections on your experience. You may want to write about an incident you observed, a person, a place, an important childhood experience, different reactions to a situation, a current issue, a goal, an ethical problem, or any other subject that has attracted your attention and occupied your thoughts. We hope that your pupils will find the 999 writing springboards which we have compiled here, both exciting and stimulating, and that they will happily engage in journal writing.

A book for every teacher’s collection of good writing materials.


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