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Angel Express


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Angel Express

Most suited to the junior classes.

“Extra! Extra! – Read all about it!” So read the front page of The Angel Express, announcing the birth of Jesus. The angels respond with great excitement and hastily form a choir to sing and celebrate the arrival of the newborn King. Angel Express is a brand-new nativity for infants.


About Angel Express

  • Same author as best-selling nativity Whoops-a-Daisy Angel
  • Simple, easy to learn script that is ideal for 3-6 year olds
  • Curriculum links included to support learning in the classroom
  • Can be adapted for larger groups/whole school performances

Angel Express follows the excitement of heaven’s host of angels as they hurriedly practise a new song for the birth of baby Jesus – this will have to be an express production! Can the conductor prepare them in time with so many distracting headlines such as ‘Mary and Joseph Leave for Bethlehem’, ‘Enormous Star Seen In the East’ and ‘Three Kings Sighted From Afar’?

With a simple script and easy-to-learn songs from one of Out of the Ark’s most popular writers, Niki Davies, this creative take on the nativity story is the only play you will need this Christmas. Look no further than the Angel Express nativity for the easy solutions that you have been praying for to expand or reduce a cast list. Children and parents alike will enjoy thesolo-singing opportunity in I Only Have A Little Stable, as well as the jubilant whole-cast songs such as News, News andWelcome To The World.


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