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Birds in a Nest Sorting Set


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LER 5554

Ages 3 – 10

Engage young learners in early maths activities with this engaging, hands-on sorting set.

  • Bird nesting theme adds an imaginative touch to classic sorting activities
  • Colourful set is ideal for developing:

    • Counting
    • Sorting
    • Patterning
    • Colour recognition
  • Plastic sorting set features six colours: green, blue, purple, yellow, orange and red
  • Each nest contains one mummy bird and four baby birds
  • Sturdy plastic sorting bowls (the nests) stack for easy storage
  • Set includes:

    • Six nests
    • Six mummy birds
    • 24 baby birds
  • Nests measure 8.5cm D x 2.5cm H
  • Baby birds measure 2.5cm H
  • Mummy birds measure 4.5cm H
  • Features multicultural packaging and activity guide

EYFS Reference:
Maths – Number:
Counts reliably with numbers from one to 20, places them in order and says which number is one more or one less than a given number
Uses quantities and objects, adds and subtracts two single-digit numbers and counts on or back to find the answer
Solves problems, including doubling, halving and sharing
Maths – Space, Shape & Measure:
Recognises, creates and describes patterns


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