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Botley The Coding Robot & Activity Pack



Botley™ The Coding Robot & Activity Pack.

Video 1 – A One Minute Introduction

Video 2 – Botley The Coding Robot Review 

Get a BOTLEY for your school for the next term and begin your journey in robotics and coding.

Do you know that STEM is now a priority area for the Department of Education and Science, and they are encouraging participation by teachers in STEM Summer Courses in 2018.

Why not give your school and pupils a head start in STEM with Botley and start coding. It is perfect for all ages.

Create street scapes and obstacles and program Botley to visit ‘Oifig an Phoist’ with the letter, travel to Mainstreet and get money from the Bank Cash Machine and then to Supervalue to pick up some grocery essentials. 

Botley can do many things: he can be programmed to speak e.g. “Botley would like to say ‘Hi'”, he has inbuilt object detection sensors, he has an inbuilt sensor that detects and follows black lines. you can program in loop sequences and so much more.

Botley can execute up to 80 commands in a single sequence.

Botley was the Star of the BETT Show London (British Education Trade & Technology Show) and The London Toy Fair

This pack contains Botley + The Activity Set of Resources.

This Botley set comes with:

1.      Botley The Coding Robot

2.      Easy-to-use Remote Programmer

3.      Detachable Robot Arms

4.      40 Coding Cards

5.      + ACTIVITIES PACK consisting of Six Board Tracks,  a sheet of stickers for customisation, a variety of accessories to create obstacles and activities for Botley e.g. eight sticks, 12 cubes, two cones, two flags, two balls and a goal etc.


We predict that Botley will be in every school before too long.

The little robot inspires hearts and minds, and releases the STEM within all of us.

Botley is an impressive little unit that is a great introduction to coding and robotics for children in the junior classes, and senior classes too. Botley is self-sufficient, there is no screen and no tablets or smartphone apps – Botley just works and helps young people understand coding and logic.

Program Botley to move forward, turn, detect objects and much more, this is a toy that will keep young minds engaged and charged. Great customisation options and tons of accessories to extend play and learning.

This will be the hit of the 2018 school year.

Money well spent.


  1. Use as part of Maths STATIONS in any class, covering such things as mathematical thinking + computational thinking and coding. Students will be creating sequences, working angles, turning through degrees, and programming the BOTLEY to carry out certain tasks and to travel specific pathways on the floor. The tasks are open-ended and endless!
  2. Use BOTLEY in AISTEAR Stations in Senior Infants – they’ll talk, chat, discuss and problem solve like you will not believe, as they programme BOTLEY to little tasks.

Explore Driverless Car technology or Botley could be a Road Drone delivering Amazon Parcels or an An Post Delivery vehicle! We include a page with lots of creativity activities to develop computational thinking and problem solving challenges using your Botley Pack.

FEATURES of the dynamic coding robot!


The comprehensive kit provides you with countless ways to program and use this coding robot; no smartphone or tablets required!

  • Botley engages children from infants to sixth class in a basic form of coding utilising step coding and logic. Whatb a wonderful AISTEAR Station it would make in the infant classroom or Maths Station in the senior classes where they make all sorts of adaptations to how Botley functions.
  • Encouraging early programming skills will develop critical thinking and problem solving in young learners
  • Children can easily program Botley to perform a variety of actions:

    • Move forward (one step at a time)
    • Turn left
    • Turn right
    • Reverse (one step at a time)
    • Detect object
    • Avoid object
    • Make a sound
    • Loop, to repeat a step or sequence
  • Children can program up to 80 steps in one sequence
  • Once a sequence has been programmed press transmit and watch Botley roll!
  • One “step” is approximately 20cm
  • Introduce smart logic with the object detection feature
  • Botley features LED lights on the top that show the direction of each step
  • Botley has a special sensor underneath, draw a bold black line and watch Botley follow it
  • This bumper Botley set comes with everything you need to create obstacle courses for endless hours of fun:

    • Botley The Coding Robot
    • Easy-to-use Remote Programmer
    • Detachable Robot Arms
    • 40 Coding Cards
    • Six boards
    • A sheet of stickers for customisation
    • A variety of accessories to create obstacles and activities for Botley: Eight sticks, 12 cubes, two cones, two flags, two balls and a goal
  • Encourage children to lay out the coding cards in their desired sequence before programming Botley. This will help them plan and visualise Botley’s path
  • Detachable robot arms enable Botley to move objects. Why not program Botley to move a ball into the goal!?
  • Botley measures 13cm W x 7cm H x 8.5cm D
  • Botley requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Remote Programmer requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

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