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Cormac & Orla and Fionn Mac Cumhaill


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Cormac & Orla and Fionn Mac Cumhaill

Cormac & Órla and Fionn Mac Cumhaill is a multimedia interactive storybook on CD-ROM, read in the user’s choice of English or three major dialects of Irish. The basic story is a traditional one about Fionn Mac Cumhaill, chosen and arranged with the help of the Irish Folklore Department, UCD, and illustrated with very high quality graphics, fully animated. There are plenty of opportunities for users to click-and-learn along the way. While our heroes are walking through the woods, for instance, users can click on animals, birds and trees to learn more about them. The CD-ROM is aimed primarily at children in senior classes, depending on their ability in the language.

“The publishers suggest the CD-Rom is suitable for the higher classes in primary school but really there is something in it for every age-group. While fifth and sixth class pupils will spend hours happily clicking and learning, their elders will certainly benefit from it also” 
—Live & Learn 12/04.

Suitable for fifth and sixth classes


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