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Dragon Days


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Dragon Days
A Real Scorcher of a Musical

by Sue & Paul Langwade
Ages: Second to Sixth Class
The Stumbledorf villagers need a hero to save them from their terrifically terrifying dragon… or do they? A fabulously dramatic musical with a hilarious script and 9 exciting songs. 


About Dragon Days

  • Works as a whole-school production, but for smaller productions most suited to senior classes.
  • Adaptable script for large group performances
  • 20 fantastically dramatic sound effects and scene change tracks that will really enhance your performance

In the pretty, alpine village of Stumbledorf (just a short ‘trip’ away), the overdramatic villagers await a hero to rescue them from the mythical creature whose presence overshadows their otherwise idyllic mountain home. Just in the nick of time, seemingly in fulfilment of an ancient prophecy given by three wizened old crones, Tommy Rumble and his fearsome mother stumble into Stumbledorf, which causes great excitement. Could Tommy finally be the answer to the village’s problems? Can he get fit in time to fight the dragon or will jealousy and mischief thwart his heroic exploits? Has the dragon really developed a taste for goats, or is it just a social media feeding frenzy? Will the village ever be free of its Dragon Days? There’s only one way to find out…

Ages Second to Sixth Class
What’s Included

Activity songbook with:

  • Music score and song lyric sheets for 9 songs (piano music score, melody and chords)
  • Curriculum notes with fabulously fun ideas to embed curriculum learning
  • Creative warm-up ideas
  • Discover your own dragon name page
  • Character list
  • Costume suggestions
  • Notes of props
  • Notes on staging & cast size
  • Script
  • Licensing and copyright details

Audio CD with:

  • Vocal tracks sung by children
  • Professional Backing tracks
  • Sound effects


Running Time 60 minutes approx
(Total length of music: 27 minutes approx) – cut verses / trim dialogue to shorten
Songs – Click To Listen

Songs with Rounds, Part-Singing and/or Solos:

  • So Alpine
  • Not Exaggerating
  • Snowfall
  • Dragon-skin Shoes
  • A Dragon’s Life
  • No Way Down
  • Don’t Judge

Songs with Optional Harmonies:

  • Dragon Days
  • Snowfall
  • Don’t Judge
Sample Script

View sample script.

Cast List

View cast list and staging suggestions.

There are 68 speaking parts in this production. This can easily be increased by adding more children to the large group scenes.

The 68 speaking parts can be easily decreased to 36 by reducing number of characters, splitting lines and doubling up parts. Further reductions would be possible with alterations to the script. See staging notes above for more details.



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