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English for Gifted and Talented Students


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‘Geoff Dean’s English for Gifted and Talented Students 11-18 is a principled and pragmatic book that will provide Heads of Department with a foundation in this important area of curriculum development’ –English Drama Media



‘The really surprising thing about Geoff Dean’s book is that you come away from it with more than you expected….[This] book shows the English teacher how to plan for and deliver those life-changing moments in the classroom’ – G & T Update


Includes CD-Rom


`This is a sourcebook of ideas and gives valuable information about the latest research on learning and teaching, as well as signposting the way forward in providing for the most able in English. It recognises the questions posed by new technologies, and gives guidance on how to harness these changes to help equip talented young people for life in the twenty first century’ – Jude Brigley, Director of Learning and Teaching at Cardiff High School, and Chair of NACE CYMRU


Are you stuck for ways to stretch your best English students?


By focusing on what excites and motivates all learners, this book provides you with a clear guide to ensuring sound provision for your gifted and talented students.


Included is advice on:

o how to identify more able students

o what to do to get other staff on board

o successful strategies for working with more able students

o using ICT effectively in lessons and activities

o how to measure students’ progress

o personalised learning


There is an accompanying CD which contains photocopiable material which will help you plan your lessons and departmental strategy.


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