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Everyone Loves a Baby


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Everyone loves a baby. Well nearly everyone. The normally cheerful children of a Bethlehem innkeeper aren’t so sure about babies – their newly-born brother is very noisy and a bit smelly. Heading off to see their friend, the children discover news of a special and unusual baby about to be born… baby Jesus. Will they end up liking babies after all? Everyone Loves A Baby! is a delightfully endearing nativity musical for junior classes with a humorous script and 7 exciting new songs.

About Everyone Loves A Baby!

At a Bethlehem inn, six children live with their parents – a kind innkeeper and his wife, who have just had a new baby. But the children aren’t too keen on the new addition. They’d rather have a dog, a donkey, or even a camel!

In an effort to escape all the baby talk, the children go in search of their friend Bill. On the way they meet Mary, Joseph, three wise men and some shepherds, who are all talking about another baby – baby Jesus. This nativity musical by best-selling songwriters Mark and Helen Johnson contains seven great new songs.

The simple, gently humorous script contains lots of non-speaking parts*. Told from a child’s perspective, Everyone Loves A Baby! is an endearing take on the traditional Christmas story and will delight pupils and parents alike.

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