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Grammar Handbook 4 – Fourth Class



The Grammar Handbook 4 – 244 pages – contains 36 spelling lessons and 36 grammar lessons for fourth class and all lesson supports.

The Grammar 4 Handbook follows on from The Grammar 3 Handbook and provides revision, consolidation and extension of spelling and grammar rules covered in Phonics, Grammar 1, Grammar 2 and Grammar 3.

The Grammar Handbooks contain 36 spelling and 36 grammar and punctuation lessons for a full year of teaching children. The lessons continue to build upon the knowledge and skills the children have been taught in previous years. Each lesson has a photocopiable worksheet, along with additional resources for extension activities and revision.

Topics covered within the handbook include: revision of topics taught in earlier years; spelling strategies and patterns for complex words; more suffixes and prefixes; verb tenses; homophones; subject and object of a sentence; concrete and abstract nouns; grammatical person; phrases, clauses and sentences and hyphens.


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