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Hey Ewe! – 4 to 8 years


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Hey Ewe!

by Antony Copus

Ages: 4-8 years

Running Time: 35-40 minutes approx.

Seen through the eyes of a particularly excitable and curious sheep, the traditional nativity unfolds with humour and charm, through a simple but original, script. With 7 really fun, catchy songs, Hey Ewe! has all the ingredients for a perfect Christmas production.


Of all the sheep in the flock, the smallest, youngest ewe is the most inquisitive. She is always busy getting under the shepherds’ feet, asking questions and, to the irritation of the rest of the flock, demanding to know exactly what is going on. One night, however, while all the other sheep are trying to sleep, some extraordinary events unfold that excite her curiosity more than ever before!

With a gospel choir of angels, calypso-ing kings and square-dancing sheep, Hey Ewe! is an upbeat Christmas nativity that will have you tapping your toes and baaing away to all the songs in no time.


NARRATOR(S) This role can either be taken by an adult or shared between two or three children. Please note that the narrator or narrators need to have strong, clear speaking voices.

EMPEROR Has a small speaking part and would suit a child with confidence and an air of authority!

TOWNSPEOPLE Non-speaking. Have as many as you like to create the ‘hustle bustle’ of the first scene. They become the choir once they exit the stage.

THE CURIOUS SHEEP The central character; sings a solo; largish speaking part; needs a removable woolly costume!

SHEEP Have as many as you like. Two have small speaking parts and they all perform a simple dance with the shepherds in song 5.

SHEPHERD(S) Have as many as you like. Three have small speaking parts and all perform a simple dance with the sheep in song 5.

MARY Non-speaking part.

JOSEPH Non-speaking part.

DONKEY Non-speaking part.

BALTHASAR Small speaking part.

MELCHIOR Small speaking part.

CASPAR Small speaking part.

ANGELS Have as many as you like dressed as gospel singers, with wings. One has a small speaking part.

BABY JESUS Don’t forget the main character – a good-sized doll that can be rocked convincingly!


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