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Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game™


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Ages 3 – 7

Hoppy Floppy rabbit needs your help finding his carrots!

This attractive family fun game will keep early learners engaged as they develop a variety of key skills through play.

  • Early learners spin the spinner to help Hoppy collect the carrots
  • Engaging early learning game develops a variety of core skills:

    • Matching
    • Strategy
    • Colour Recognition
  • The rabbit-themed plastic squeezer will help build fine motor skills and encourage pre-handwriting skills
  • Squeezer action will help develop hand-eye coordination
  • Fun game play will introduce early social skills, including turn taking
  • Game play is suitable for the whole family
  • For 2-4 players
  • Includes colourful egg shaped game board (printed in the box), game spinner, 16 plastic carrots in four colours, four plastic baskets, a Hoppy Floppy rabbit squeezer and multilingual instructions
  • Attractive box measures 21cm H x 17cm W x 7.5cm D

How to play

  • Players take turns in spinning the spinner
  • Carry out the action shown on the spinner, using the rabbit-themed squeezers to pick up your carrots
  • Actions include:

    • Selecting a carrot of a specific colour
    • Selecting any carrot
    • Stealing carrots from other players
    • Putting your carrots back on the forest-themed game board
  • The first player to successfully collect one of each colour carrot is the winne


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