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How Children Learn to Write


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This book is a useful addition to any staff library. What makes it different to many other similar books is that it shows teachers that speaking, listening and reading create the foundations for writing. Tested in schools, staff said: It is a very useful framework for action-research based upon secure theory. When deciding classroom strategies, it is easy to find what you are looking for and the chapter summaries are very helpful. Some of the staff development and training suggestions are very practical and we are trying them out. We found the emphasis upon class novels and the class discussion that follows, very important, especially when linked to the excellent examples of childrens writing. It starts at the beginning and saves diving into the latest trend. The author shows how certain strategies can improve childrens progress in writing. Dealing with the age range three to 13, the book addresses issues to do with the following: – brain development and structures – the acquisition of speech – language and thinking – working memory – secretarial skills – stages in compositional development – writing purposes and cross-curricular applications – strategies for improving self-generated writing – using reading to improve writing – using speech and drama to improve writing and – ten ways to improve childrens writing.


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