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How to be Brilliant at Writing Poetry



The activities in How to be Brilliant at Writing Poetry are open-ended and focus on the process of writing – from initial idea gathering to redrafting and the final product. They recognize that a sense of audience and a purpose for writing are crucial. The 40 photocopiable worksheets provide models for different forms of poetry, for example acrostic, haiku and rondelet. All the models included have an in-built success factor because their simple, but clever structures invite the children to mirror them. Once they have mastered the forms, the children will be able to apply them to any topic ideas, including those given elsewhere in this book. The activities include: • finding a beginning • using words to paint a picture • making up similes • rhyming • writing limericks, haikus, acrostic poems, riddles, cinquains, rondelets, poems that repeat a line, and poems that go on and on…


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