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Initial Teacher Education in Schools: A Guide for Practitioners


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Initial Teacher Education in Schools: A Guide for Practitioners

Successfully establishing initial teacher education courses in schools requires a careful understanding of what it means to train someone to teach. This book provides guidance on how teacher training can be effective in school-based settings. Essential practical issues are covered including, recruitment, pastoral care and the organization of academic components of a course. It also covers conceptual topics such as:

·         what makes a good mentor?

·         models of learning suitable for teacher education

·         the role of evidence-based teaching in a practical setting

Examples from existing primary and secondary school-based programmes explore good practice and show how challenges to developing courses can be overcome.


1.      Introduction by Kathryn Fox and Patrick Smith

2.      Getting selection processes right by Carey Philpott

3.      Models of professional learning and what they mean for those working with teachers by Gail Fuller

4.      Effective professional learning by Helen Scott

5.      What is the difference between mentoring and coaching? By Nigel Appleton

6.      Why is the academic component of ITE important and how do we organize it? by Carrie Mercier

7.      The assessment of student teachers by Simon Asquith

8.      How do you create synergy between different school priorities? By Alison Chapman

9.      Initial teacher education and staff development by Carey Philpott

10.  How can action research be used to enhance school-based ITE? By Robert Heath and Carey Philpott

11.  Pastoral care for student teachers by Carey Philpott, Helen Scott and Carrie Mercier

12.  Conclusion



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