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Inspired English


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`The author introduces new pedagogical approaches in teaching language arts, using fiction and poetry to enhance the student’s critical thinking. This is a thoughtful, practical, and innovative book that will foster academic success’ –Maggie Yadegar, Associate Dean, National University, Los Angeles Campus

‘A ‘must have’ publication for the beginning teacher of English. The author gives explicit discussions, providing directions for formulating, presenting, and evaluating each phase of the lesson being taught’ –Lois Gibson, Associate Professor Education (Retired), Southeastern Louisiana University

A teacher’s guide to teaching middle school and high school English and building literacy skills in even the most reluctant readers. Lorraine LaCroix shows the reader how carefully chosen poems and fiction can “hook” otherwise apathetic English students – by making an emotional connection, the teacher makes her lessons personally relevant and important to each student, and therefore a perfect vehicle for teaching vocabulary, critical thinking skills, close reading skills, rhetorical writing skills, communication and public speaking skills.


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