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Interactive Maths Teaching in the Primary School


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‘Nick Pratt’s book looks in detail at the real meaning of teaching mathematics interactively in primary schools. Each section is set clearly within a context, is linked by ‘key ideas’ – the important bits to think about – and is summarised to give a succinct close to the chapter’s content and thinking. It is a book that the reader will definitely find useful and thought provoking. It certainly made me consider how small changes and a wider variety of approaches in the classroom can make big changes in children’s learning and understanding of mathematical concepts’ – Mike Eatwell, Primary Maths Advisor, Bristol LEA



Using a whole-class, interactive approach to teaching mathematics is a key feature of the National Numeracy Strategy (NNS), and this book looks at not only what works but also why things work.


Teachers will be able to understand why and how the various teaching strategies they are using in their classrooms have a positive effect on children’s learning.


The book covers:


” how to engage in meaningful reflective practice that will improve your lessons

” how to use whiteboards

” making mathematical meaning through talk

” getting the whole class interacting

” thinking, talking and acting mathematically

” teaching number – starting points

” teaching shape and space – starting points

” developing your interactive teaching

” a glossary of terms


It is aimed at both practising and trainee teachers, and offers clear subject guidance as well as an explanation of a key part of the NNS. It supports both individuals and mathematics subject leaders delivering INSET to their colleagues.



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