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Interlocking Plastic Cuisenaire® Rods Introductory Set (in a tray)


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This introductory set of interlocking Cuisenaire Rods includes 74 rods for use with 2-3 students.

  • Cuisenaire Rods are perfect for reinforcing a variety of maths skills:

    • Additition & Subtraction
    • Multiplication & Division
    • Fractions & Decimals
    • Patterns
    • Algebra
    • Probability & Statistics
    • Geometry
    • Measurement
  • These interlocking rods can be joined at either end
  • Includes ten different Cuisenaire Rod lengths that can be assigned a different numeric value or unit of measure
  • This set includes:

    • 74 Cuisenaire Rods: 22 white (shortest) 12 red, 10 light green, six purple and four each of yellow, dark green, black, brown, blue and orange (longest)
    • Storage tray with lid
    • Activity Guide
  • Ideal for use with groups of 2-3 students


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