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Jonah – A Fishy Tail


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Jonah – A Fishy Tail

by Mary Cliff & Kelly Fort

Ages: 7-11 years

Running Time: 45 minutes approx.

An exciting new musical adaption of Jonah and the Whale.


This modern, new adaption of Jonah and the whale has a balmy, summertime feel with sun, surf and a few scurvy pirates invading the mix of sea-themed songs. Introducing a host of new characters in its fun and lively script, including a beautiful Senorita, an irritating crab and Peg It & Leg It – the nasty Ninevites, the true meaning of this classic story is retained, delivering a message of love for all people.


NARRATOR This needs to be someone with a strong, clear speaking voice.

PEG IT Large speaking part. Needs an eyepatch and a nasty voice!

LEG IT Large speaking part. Needs a crutch or a wooden leg and a nasty voice!

JONAH The main character. Has a large speaking part and would suit a very confident child able to show a good range of emotions. Optional solo in Song 5.

CRAB Medium speaking part. Needs to be able to walk sideways well and deliver a good ‘Eh up!’

SENORITA  Medium speaking part. Needs to be flamboyant and persuasive!

CAPTAIN Medium speaking part.

SAILORS Have as many sailors as you like. Four have small speaking parts.

DAD, MUM & CHILD Small speaking parts.

PIRATES  Have as many pirates as you like. Four have small speaking parts.

VOICE OF GOD Off-stage character with a small speaking part, amplified if possible.

SUNBATHERS* Have as many as you like. One has a short line to say.

SPANISH DANCERS* Have as many as you like to dance during Song 2.

SEA CREATURES* Have as many as you like to ‘swim’ and float about during Song 4.

CHOIR Have as many as you like in the choir to sing the songs and to enhance the sea theme by wearing sun hats, shades and bright beach-style clothing.

* Depending on the number of children you have in your production, you could use the same children to play the Sunbathers, Spanish Dancers and Sea Creatures (some quick changes of costume may be needed!). To involve more children, split the parts between three sets of children, who, when they are not on stage, can join the choir


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