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Language and Literacy 3-7


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This practical guide considers the research evidence that is needed to inform enlightened practice, and offers concrete suggestions and teaching approaches for early years settings and classrooms. This comprehensive book shows the ‘what’ the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of innovative, creative practice for teaching language and literacy. The author clearly examines how young children learn to use both spoken and written language, and shows how to assess, plan and teach for the effective learning of speaking, listening, reading and writing.


Each chapter includes case studies, learning and teaching suggestions and further reading, and topics covered include:


o Learning to communicate

o Developing spoken language in early years settings and classrooms

o The links between oracy and literacy

o The inter-relatedness of the literacy process

o Teaching literacy holistically

o The assessment of language and literacy

o Supporting literacy in Keystage 1, teaching reading and teaching writing for different purposes

o Children and books

o Teaching children for whom English is an additional language

o Language, literacy, learning and ICT.


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