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The Literacy Box Set 3 (Purple)


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The Literacy Box Set

The Literacy Box Set  provides supplementary material for school teachers to support the literacy learning of independent readers. The Literacy Box is a complete English programme that aims to consolidate pupils comprehension, grammar, writing and spelling skills.

Each Box contains:

·         a comprehensive teachers guide (over 200 pages) with a pupil and a teacher recording sheet to photocopy, an information page for each card, general background information and a comprehensive glossary

·         75 colourfully-illustrated four-page cards in 15 colour-coded sections (in the same sequence as The Comprehension Boxes)

·         informative, imaginative and persuasive texts in a variety of genres to engage and interest pupils and to provide meaningful contexts for learning

·         three pages of multiple-choice questions relating to each text, providing activities in comprehension, word study and grammar

·         suggestions for additional speaking and listening, reading, writing, and cross-curricular activities relating to each card and topic

·         separate answer cards for independent marking


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