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Mathematics for Primary and Early Years


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From a review of the first edition:



This book is suitable for those who lack confidence … It is particularly useful as a revision guide… Tasks and practical exercises are included throughout the book. Worth buying a copy’ – Primary Mathematics


This task-driven text emphasizes strategies and processes and is very different from the usual style of mathematics textbooks. For example, algebra is treated as a way of thinking mathematically, rather than merely manipulating symbols. Each of the sections is designed to stand alone so that they can be studied in any order or dipped into as needed.


The Second Edition has been updated to meet the needs of anyone wanting to refresh their knowledge and understanding of mathematics to GCSE level. There is an emphasis on learning and doing mathematics, with an expanded section on measures and proportion, and statistics.


Trainees and students have reported that the book has not only helped them to raise their knowledge and understanding to the required standard but also greatly improved their mathematical confidence.


This is a set book for the Open University Course, ‘Ways of Knowing: language, mathematics and science in the early years’.



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