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Mathlink® Cubes Activity Set


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Engaging Mathlink Cube activities for young learners

Supports the mathematics mastery teaching approach!
This versatile activity set includes everything you need to support early maths skills development.

  • Colourful activity cards and stackable Mathlink Cubes combine to develop a variety of basic numeracy skills:

    • Patterning and sequencing
    • Sorting and grouping
    • Early arithmetic: addition, subtraction and multiplication
    • Size recognition
    • Colour recognition
    • Ordering
    • Measurement
  • Visually appealing cards provide engaging, hands-on activities to keep young learners interested
  • Encourages positional language and direction
  • Activity set includes:

    • 15 double-sided activity cards
    • 100 Mathlink Cubes in ten colours
  • Ideal solo or group activity
  • Provides independent learning opportunities
  • Cubes measure 2cm D
  • Features multilingual packaging and activity guide (containing further activity ideas)



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