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Maths Problem Solving Box 2 – Fourth Class


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The enticing activities in Macmillan Maths: Problem Solving Boxes are designed to develop and strengthen students’ problem solving strategies across Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Each box contains 150 cards catering for individual differences, with each featuring a challenging extension activity. A teacher CD is also included. Shortlisted Primary Student Resource – Mathematics, The Australian Educational Publishing Awards 2012

Box Components

  • Number and Algebra – 100 cards
  • Measurement and Geometry – 25 cards
  • Statistics and Probability – 10 cards
  • Answers with extra hints – 15 cards
  • Teacher Resources on CD

CD Contains

  • IWB-friendly PDFs of all cards
  • fillable PDF card template to make your own cards
  • teaching guide
  • assessment guidelines and rubric
  • IWB-friendly and printable posters of the 9 problem solving strategies
  • student record sheets
  • answers and an index to the Australian Curriculum topics

The Nine Problem Solving Strategies

  1. Look for the important words in the question
  2. Look for a pattern
  3. Have a go
  4. Use a table or chart
  5. Use a drawing
  6. Work backwards
  7. Try an easier problem
  8. Make a model
  9. Think logically


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