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Mini Motor Maths Activity Set


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LER 7731

Ages 4 – 10

Primary learners will enjoy developing their numeracy skills with this race-themed counting game.

  • Children won’t realise they’re learning with this car-themed maths game
  • Colourful activity set develops a variety of maths skills:

    • Numbers 1 -20
    • Number recognition
    • Counting
    • Early addition and subtraction
    • Patterning
  • Colour die develops colour recognition as players choose the correct colour car to move
  • Two number dice are used to calculate the number of spaces a player moves
  • Two pieces of track are numbered 1-10 and 11-20 for two levels of play
  • Set includes:   

    • Five soft rubber mini motor car counters in five colours
    • Two pieces of plastic track that can be joined together
    • One colour die
    • Two numbered dice
    • Finish line
    • Multilingual activity guide
  • Each track piece measures 30.5cm L
  • Car counters measure 2.5cm L
  • Ideal for two players to race one another
  • Features multilingual packaging


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