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Mystery At Magpie Manor


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Can you solve the mystery at Magpie Manor? Don the fringes and feathers, dust off the spy glass and join the flapper girls and their family, Inspector Spectre and a whole host of famous guests in this roaring 20’s thriller! 

Set in the 1920s and steeped in legend and intrigue, Magpie Manor is in a great state of disrepair and Lord and Lady Pica must take drastic action to save their crumbling manor house. The clan is gathered and together with Mr Fortune the bank manager and his bumbling assistants, they come up with a plan to sell off the family silver. But as the rich and famous guests arrive for the auction ball, strange things are occurring and when the family heirloom is unveiled, it has disappeared! Inspector Spectre is straight on the case, aided by none other than Agatha Christie and it seems that everyone has a motive from the servants and cheeky tradesmen to Cousin Rupert and his grasping American fiancée. But will the thief be caught and can Magpie Manor be rescued from impending disaster?

Join the flapper girls and their family and Charleston your way through this pacy, energetic mystery with eight fantastic songs, a humorous script and a fabulous twist!


PlayThe Magpie Rag


Play Honey Devine


Play Flash Of Black And White 


PlayDo As You’re Told!


PlayKeep A Beady Eye


PlayThe Charleston


PlayWho Dunnit?


PlayWe’ve Solved The Mystery!




PlayMagpie Dance



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