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Number 1: Rainbow 10 Bay iPad / Laptop Trolley



Rainbow 10 Bay iPad / Laptop Trolley

Takes Laptops up to 480mm x 360mm x 62mm Dimensions

Though in the last few years technology has come on leaps and bounds, we still can’t live without our trusty laptops. Laptops are an office and classroom staple – and they need a place to stay. Every LapCabby offers innovative, programmable charging schedules alongside a whole host of other features such as extra durable construction, lockable doors and cushioning, protective grips. They come in a range of sizes and colours on sliding shelves. LapCabbys are an innovative and efficient way to store and charge laptops while keeping cables tidy

LapCabby 10V Features:

  • Individual compartments for each laptop, fitted on sliding shelves for easy access
  • Specially molded soft rubber mats to protect devices
  • Individual cable pockets for each laptop to store AC adaptor and excess cable
  • Separate power compartment opened with a concealed handle, allowing easy access to organize cables
  • Cables kept secure with specially designed and molded cable clips in 3 different locations
  • Cable clip portholes that feed cables from the back power compartment to the front of the unit, preventing cables from being removed from the front
  • Tested to the highest health and safety standards and delivered fully assembled.




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